Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 


I forgot how to write
and I don't know why
how hard is it 
to spend all day
teaching kids to sound out words
but then you get home
to put a pen to paper
and fall asleep instead. 

I know "a" sounds like apple
and "k" needs to sound real short (snip snip)
and I know that pretend words can sound real, 
but the spelling is usually hit or miss. 

Then I sit down at home, 
and get ready to write
and forget all the letters I've ever heard. 

I think about how hard it would be to learn another language.
And learn all the sounds, and the ones that break the rules. Maybe I'm too old. 
Or maybe I'm not stubborn enough. 

Writing always felt like my nightly diary entry. 
My fresh breath of relief, 
but lately things haven't been coming together, 

maybe that's why I sometimes feel I can't breath. 

Riley Welch


It's a Monday