Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 


Sometimes when I can’t sleep I write aimless poetry
afterwards I’m always exhausted
I think words back up inside me and my brain can’t turn off until they’re gone
I think it’s a blessing
it could be a curse
it’s probably only worth while if what I’m writing is something people want
but it’s what I want
so there’s that
sometimes I think about my voice
about how I come across in every poem I’ve written
I think maybe I can keep it
I think maybe I won’t have to change it to something different
maybe if I send my work out to enough people
someone eventually will take it and decide it’s good enough
I’m not against editing
or corrections
or anything like that
but I don’t want to alter what I am and who I am
so that I have pretty metaphors
illustrating the way your body is a comet
instead of the comet’s actually circling outside your window
I just want to feel like I have something
deep down inside me that’s worth something and does something
instead of this inescapable vomit that I can’t stop from coming up
even if it’s no good at all.

Riley Welch

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