Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 

Big Picture

So, things start
so small.
You build out and out.
It's hardest to remember
the puzzle piece.
Like the inner workings
of a cell
and how proteins can build
up a person - so small you can't even see them.
But then,
there comes even more to understand.
How do muscles move?
Think of what's behind that.
The cells and nerves that move the muscles.
And the muscles itself.

Bigger picture,
why is the person moving their arm?
Lunged back, ready to punch, wave point?

But why do our muscles
work the way they do?

Is there a why and
a how to everything?

It's easier, sometimes
for me to know why the person is moving their arm
than to consider
what release lets the muscles move at all.

Riley Welch

SD - 40