Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 


Today is my birthday - so instead of posting in the order I usually do I went through my notebook and chose a poem I really enjoy, and I hope you do too! And how fitting that this poem gets to be posted on another Wednesday. 

I'm driving down the highway
in traffic
because that is Austin.
And one of those old
punk-y pop songs
I listened to
in middle school came on
and I thought about
how sad,
and how grumpy
I had been.
Miserable, miserable days.
And I hated my fingers -
really, truly hated them.
And now,
after so many tears and shouts,
I am so happy,
I think of how lucky,
lucky I am.
I have so much love,
bursting from me.
There are tears now,
but only because I am
Not every day
is so, so great.
But I love the way my fingers
grip a pen,
and fan out on a computer.
Doing work,
trying to make a
small, small impact.

Riley Welch


5' 4.5"