Riley welch is a poet from texas living in colorado. She posts three original poems a week. 

Mugged Disappointment Part Four

Here we have another installment of my poems about horrible coffee. As you can see this is part four - will this ever end? Will I ever reach a point in my life where all the coffee is better than the last? Or maybe at least not as bad as the coffee presented to you in my Mugged Disappointment series. So here you have it, another terrible mug:

Waking up early, groggy, and beat
I decided this morning I need a treat
Instead of taking the time to craft my usual plain brew
My favorite beverage would make this morning easier to get through

So I left a few minutes early, to swing by the shop
To get an iced drink, that espresso…drop drop drop
Not my normal coffee shop, or usual town
I figured an order so simple would not procure a frown

But when my drink was served up, opaque and heavy
I got a bad feeling this would taste messy
And I predicted the future upon my first sip
And to keep from spitting it out, bit my lip

This was burnt and bitter and very hard
And I trudged through that beverage like a caffeine filled marsh
I suddenly longed for my plain ol’ coffee
‘I paid for this!’ I thought scoffing

And for the first time it couldn’t be finished
I poured out that coffee, my pride diminished
I’ve had plenty of coffee, iced, hot, and blended
But all of these bad mugs – I’m a little offended

I really want to be done writing about bad cups of Joe
But when that will happen, I do not know
It seems my mugged disappointment will never be relieved
But in the next cup, I will always believe.


Riley Welch


The Same