Riley welch is a poet from texas living in colorado. She posts three original poems a week. 

Five Tired Five Line April Fools Day Thoughts

1. 10:05 am
I forgot it was April Fools Day
But I wish these three tests were a joke
Good one professor
You really got

2. 12:28 pm
I'm sure glad I don't have lab
But I wore

3. 3:52 pm
I really need to wash my hair
Not tomorrow
Stay clean
And curious
My friends.

4. 5:00 pm
Clinking gold bracelets
Remind me I should have dressed better
Chatting with you is fun
But this test stress
Outweighs it.

5. 10:58 pm
I agree with everything
Spilling into conversation
But I can't help but be angry
That you have so many
Words now.

Riley Welch

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