Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 

Favorite Fridays

This weeks poem comes from my good friend, Ian Rictor. While to me, his talents have always fallen in the musical realm, it seems he is also has a serious skill for writing. This poem has a really unique and interesting structure, I hope you all enjoy it!


Subway Poems

see the subway
stretch of shrieky sheen
stretching wretch of sheeky slink
slinking freakish speed
prestine-ish cleaning gleam
gleaning people passeng-ing
leaning clinging relieving
release resume repeat
see the subway
wringing, flinging from its spleen
freeing people passeng-ing

When I took the 3:06 from Jersey
and I always took the 3:06 from Jersey
I ate my lunch in my seat
and as I ate my lunch
I could never really get over
how expensive it all was

Grōs(ə)rēz (singular, grocery)

1. (n.) Objects strewn across the floor in the rear of the subway train.
ex. There were groceries on the floor on the subway.
2. (v.) To become angry at one’s human condition so much to the point of
strewing groceries (n. form) across the floor in the rear of the 3:06 to New York.
ex. Maria boarded the 3:06 crying and groceriesed everywhere.
3. (adj.) Inexpressibly numb and hopeless, having feelings of abandoned
smallness and of being trapped in a cluttered box.

ex. Sometimes, when the dampness of the terminal was just right, New York made Maria feel groceries.

Bubbling Bubbles