Riley welch is a poet from texas living in colorado. She posts three original poems a week. 

Favorite Fridays

This week's Favorite Friday is by a friend I mentor with in a lab on campus. Part of the reason I love running this blog is finding other writers and getting the opportunity to read their work. Barrett's piece is really excellent, and I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did!

A Shot in the Dark


A shot in the dark

Have we hit the target

Or nearly missed the mark.

It’s too soon to tell, but that’s not the point

A many hours I’ve pondered, is she the one?

My answer uncertain, my feelings confused

You came with a tough shell

Unrelenting in your defenses

But I’ve been widdling away at your pretenses

Often deterred by actions left unspoken

You’ve finally cracked and your heart broke open

Open too mine, to deserving eyes

Immediately a connection I felt,

You’re not just another notch on my belt.

You were worth the fight, in every regard

We’ve both been stricken by the world, left scarred

Afraid to be open, afraid to grow close, in overcoming those walls I often lost hope

In the end we’ve won, too be able to call you mine, each other’s own

I discovered the beautiful girl dwarfed by her actions and words spoken

A stronger personality than I could have ever imagined,

A bruised heart that’s never quit beating

Fight the good fight, and live the good life

These are my words for you and I to live by

Don’t let the words of others deter you

From your hopes and dreams

Follow your heart, wherever it may lead you

Too me I’d hope, as it’s done thus far

Let our relationship be eternal, not merely ephemeral

For a life without you is one I can’t imagine

One I can’t fathom

One I couldn’t bear to live for more than a moment

When the sun sets and the midnight sky rises,

Don’t let your emotions hide in disguises

But keep a leash upon your tongue, and your walls raised high

Many of this world are here to draw you aside

You never know who will impact your life

As I had no clue the effect you’d have on mine,

From that first moment upon the couch, in a sleepy stupor

Snow white was it? As I headed for the door

I made sure I had your number before

I decided then and there you were the one I wanted to adore.

Here’s to those whom we’ve let go,

Figures of our past that we no longer know

Having learned our lessons we’ve progressed

Upon life’s path until we reach eternal rest

Just know that now,

Those in the past are there for a reason

I don’t plan those in my life according to the season,

I met you in the cold but want to make it through to the sun

Until the wind and the waves make us crash into one

You are my world, my whole universe

I hope this poem wasn’t too cheesy, verse for verse

Stand by my side, endure with me

For in the end you will clearly see

The sun setting in the distance,

Nothing more powerful in all of existence

Your hand in mine upon the shore,

I hope you’re the one, you make me crave more

Crave more from life, too live to the fullest

I’ve got quite the journey planned out, and I need your assistance

So take my hand, jump into the sea

Swallow your fear

Trust in me

Empty Day

At The Corner Of