Riley welch is a poet from texas living in colorado. She posts three original poems a week. 

Favorite Fridays

This weeks poem is by my good friend Patrick Campbell. Having this blog has given me so many opportunities to get get to know my friends better through reading their beautiful poetry. Patrick's lovely words are no exception.

Infinite Dancers

By: Patrick Campbell

There exists no greater love than that of
Sol and Luna,
The Sun and The Moon.
Their love has been
Talked about in hushed whispers
Amongst Gods and mortals,
And written about by poets and scribes
Throughout all of Time as they slowly and endlessly
Waltz among the stars.

Their love paints the skies
As they dance around the Earth,
Like a painter’s brush gently glides across
The blank white canvas,
Coloring the world.
It burns passionately, turning  
Vibrant, golden-yellow to
Fiery hot crimson as the day ends
And becoming shrouded in dark, purple mystery
When nighttime arrives.
They bathe the world in their ever changing aurora,  
Casting dancing lights and playful shadows as they
Spin and pirouette, stepping in rhythm
To their crescendoing heartbeats,
Becoming the muses for countless other love stories.

Forbidden is their love, however.
The two never meet with one another,
Never in the right place at the right time.
The Moon only rises when the Sun sets
And the Sun only wakes when the Moon is laid to rest.
The dancing doesn’t die, not even for a moment
And the two continue their ceaseless tango.
Always longing, always apart
Always flirting, Always in Love.
Forever trapped in a never ending cycle
Never fully entrenched in eternal light
Nor completely submerged in perpetual darkness.
So they laugh and they weep,
For what there is
For what there was
And for what there never will be.
The true star-crossed lovers
Forever dancing in the Cosmos
Until the needle is lifted and
The music stops.

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