Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 

Favorite Fridays

This week's post is the seventh and final in a series of seven poems, the rest of which can be seen in the last few weeks of Favorite Friday posts. I hope you have all enjoyed this series as much as I have, poetry can work like an insight into someones life, and I think not only the writing, but the unique organization of this series is really what makes it memorable. 

The author has asked to remain anonymous.

Sunday came in a storm of flashing lights and repetitive dance music. Sunday was not your type at all, but you always kind of had a thing for Sunday. Maybe it was because he would piss off your parents, or maybe it was because he was a good friend and you got to see the sides of him that others didn't. But when you and Sunday kissed, you felt wrong. You felt wrong because you were friends and it was a drunken mistake that could never happen again. You thought you lost Sunday forever but in fact it only made you closer. Close enough that losing him will be heartbreaking. But you would never work as a couple and deep down you both know that. So in the meantime you stay friends and help each other through life, one more that the other, and pretend that the end isn't coming and that the path won't be catastrophic.  


The Blue-Grey Collection