Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 

Favorite Fridays

This week's post is five in a series of seven, the rest of which can be seen in the last few weeks of Favorite Friday posts.

The author has asked to remain anonymous. 

Friday came on a summer night when you were hurricane-ing your way through a many-layered plan of revenge. Isn't that always how it happens? When you were with Friday you were jaded and mad at someone else. You knew Friday would be there for you because he always was. He held you when you cried and tried to make things better. He watched you ride around on a scooter until you fell and then cleaned up your knees. Friday was one of the nicest people you ever met. He was calm and levelheaded and calmed you down when things got rough. Then Friday kissed you and you didn't feel anything but you kissed him back anyway. Because in your mind it would hurt someone else. But in the end, you only hurt Friday and yourself. Because you used sweet gentle Friday to get revenge on a boy who didn't care. You led him on and cast him aside then you left the next day and never saw him again. You hurt yourself because you were wracked with guilt and disappointment. Guilt because you hurt Friday, and disappointment because you realized the extent of the monstrosity you had become. Last week you were an innocent child who wanted to do right. But Tuesday passed, and hardened your heart and created the storm brewing inside you. But despite all the darkness, in a weird twisted way, Friday taught you that you still had a conscience. 


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