Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 

Favorite Fridays

I know its been a while since a Favorite Friday post has been made, but I am excited about what is going to happen in the upcoming weeks! Today's poem is one in a series of seven, the remaining poems will be posted in the following weeks, in order. I really love these poems, they are beautifully written and very honest. 

The author has asked to remain anonymous.

Monday came on a sunny summer morning and criticized your writing and told you that you drew mountains wrong. Monday chastised you when he flirted with you but asked about your life hopes and dreams. Monday made you think, and Monday made you confused. He told you that you had the personality of a prom queen, and laughed when you didn’t understand. He was 4 years older and mysterious and scandalous. You were young and innocent and naive; and never had your heart broken. You were scared of commitment and didn’t want to get hurt because you knew you were going to leave. Monday wanted to ask you out on a date but you indirectly told him not to. He tried to make you jealous with a green card marriage even though you pretended like you weren’t. Then you went away for two weeks and only thought about him the entire damn time. You fought his crooked smile and his exasperated laugh. He left without saying goodbye and you hated yourself for it. You hated yourself for feeling like a part of you was ripped from your bones, because you swore you would never be dependent. He was the type of boy who taught you to make milkshakes but then left his sweatshirt in your best friends car when you went to New Mexico.  You missed your chance with Monday, but he sure as hell taught you something. Monday taught you that to take every chance you get, and that in the end the pretty girls win. 

Sudden Fires

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