Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 

The Yellow Collection

Part of encouraging myself to write more meant writing whenever I got an idea. I bought a bundle of thin notebooks so I could have one to carry with me. Since August I have been carrying one with a yellow spine, I have labeled it "The Yellow Collection". In December I filled the whole thing and below is the poem to celebrate it's end. Now onto the next notebook!

As this yellow era draws to a close

Another color will so slowly emerge

And the shades themselves

Will paint a mood across the pages

Dancing tip toes extend themselves

Along the edge of crisp pulp

Inking out elegant words

And even more elegant sentences

Stretching themselves out

So they fill the sheet

Then your head

And my mind is in action on a piece of paper

In a way I didn't know existed

Until I filled a whole book with my words

And looked at it like it was a child

That I was in charge of

And felt a little bit proud

That there are so many words

But I still figured out

How to make sense of some.

Riley Welch

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