Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 

Root Vegetables

And I was gifted with the hardiest of soups
Rich and filling
Brimmed with reminders of stereotypical home

With rich oak floors
Hand cut by a grandfather or old family friend
Worn in by dogs padded paws
And babies first steps
And maybe some last steps too.

And large roaring fireplaces
That's mantles hold antiques
And photographs,

Some so old they are the antiques

And a dining room table
or two.

Passed down from your great aunts 12th cousin
-who actually met Elvis once - if you'll believe it.

And an old attic full of puffy prom dresses

And ruffled tux shirts

White wedding gowns

And memories.

And with every bite you'll be glad senses
Are so good
At pulling the trigger

On memories.

Riley Welch

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