Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 


This poem is dedicated to my good friend Kevin, who I offered to write a poem for in exchange for coffee during finals week. 

Kevin He, oh, Kevin He
A sweet melodic melody
Of sunshine, spring, and all things sweet

To bring the center of my addiction
Caffeines love is no work of fiction
He'll arrive "in a bit" was his prediction

Poor, poor finals bury him whole
In study, papers - a true book mole
Someone needs to work literary crowd control

But this boy, oh boy, he'll ace those finals
His professors are in great denial
Of his brilliance, no one rivals

And when he crashes through those doors
Coffee in hand, I don't abhor
Like a sweet beverage fairy lore

A great motivator to motor through those words
He'll herd knowledge like a flock of birds
The line between him and genius is blurred

So as I finish these words and wait for my mug
Of sweet, brewed nectar you sip - don't chug
From the smartest dude at UT, Kevin He, what up.

Riley Welch

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