Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 


Emotions are wet
They are sticky and messy
And they don't stay and
They smear themselves down the side of your face
And they run their fingertips along your brain
And they leave you dripping
Wet sloshed tears running sticky with mucus and dancing down muddled puddles resting at the tip of your nose and chin
Grimy sweat wading along creases in skin
And pooling in damp wrecked habitats
Feeling too much
All at once. 

Emotionless means dry. 

Means very clean cut. 

Means no movement. 

Means no mess. 

Means in the moment there will be no immediate pain or discomfort. 

Because everything will be very neat, 

Very straight. 

Very right. 

Maybe not interesting. 

Or unique. 

But it won't be muddled.

And it won't be messy.


Riley Welch

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