Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 


Faster, faster
Speed of lightening
Crushing, crushing
Smashed punched peeled
Whirling whirring
Fast paced

The sound of a thousand things happening at once
Blending into one unifying sound
The way every voice and scream on our Earth sounds like a solid static to everyone around us
Traffic horns and sirens
School bells and marching bands
And music, TV, footsteps, high-fives, crinkly fabrics, papers, key boards clacking
All rhythmically in sync with an unknown beat
We complete the motions
And together create one tone
Ringing out into what we don’t know
Harmonizing with other galaxies
Speeding along faster than what is imaginable
Screeching brakes slam
And finish the chorus
We launch bombs and they steady the ever charging, marching, base line
It's there
Always there
You don’t have to know about it,
You don’t even have to know your part
And you add the to speed
The eventually shattering speed
The eventually shattering speed that will increase and increase
And increase and increase
And increase
Until it reaches the end
And we don’t know what the encore is either
Which is okay
Because in the middle there will be silence.


Riley Welch

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