Riley welch is a poet from texas living in colorado. She posts three original poems a week. 


When you come from snow
You understand the stillness. 
The creeping of the silent flurries -
Hitting the snow.
Piling up.
Pillowing up.
Because snow doesn't need sound.
And the bright pure white
Reflects every speck of light
That comes into its view.

And if the clouds are still hanging low over the landscape they reflect the stars and the moon
And the world becomes lit up with all this reflected light
And being outside at night isn't scary.

It's like being in a room with a nightlight,
But the nightlight is bouncing off every white wall,
And maybe a mirror,
And the white of the carpet,
And curtains,
And sheets.

And you could hear someone coming from miles away
Because it's silent
And light
And sparkling.

Riley Welch


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