Riley welch is a poet from texas living in Denver. She posts three original poems a week. 


For Kate:

A grand rain storm awakening.

Droplets pounding
Hammering the dirt to mud and over again

Forcing leaves down racing waterfall puddles
And crippling grass petals to folded bunched messes.

River beds roaring...overflowing...Folding waves one over another.

Rhythmically pushing the Earth, ripping and tearing.

    But clouds clear
    Pushed by the winds that brought the storm

Grass unfolds its broken limbs,
And the trees stretch their branches to the sky.
Thanking the sun for its drying warmth.

    But thankful for the storm,
The warm damp soil beneath their roots.

Nutrient rich mud, soft and impressionable

Tracking sweet footprint kisses, and remembering.
Soft childish giggles, throwing snowball-style mud pies.

Served with love and happiness of wild-racing-waters,
of storms past.

Bringing death,
Bringing life,

Bringing damp laughter-saturated pies,
    packed tight with silty dirt,

 Ready for creation. 

Riley Welch


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