Riley welch is a poet from texas living in colorado. She posts three original poems a week. 

Mugged Disappointment

You know the disappointment
When you're caught up in a haze,
You don't even notice at first,
But then that feeling drags for days.

All I wanted was that latte,
So chic and sweet and warm
But apparently I asked too much
This expresso-coffee swarm

It is lacking in the rich touch
Of frothy, frothy milk,
Hiding under "oaky tones"
I wanted creamy, smooth silk

Not a touch of sweetness to the cup
And it's lacking its cinnamon touch
This won't compliment any food, or even itself
Why did I get a large - this isn't worth this much

This isn't what I asked for
This isn't what I wanted
Packets upon packets of sugar
I will remain forever haunted

By your beyond bitter flavor
That lattes do not hold
I now have learned my lesson
I shall never order so bold.

Riley Welch


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