Riley welch is a poet from texas living in colorado. She posts three original poems a week. 

6 Slow Monday 6 Line Thoughts

1: 8:29
Things are always late
Especially in tandem with me.
Funny how that works
Lateness compounding on lateness
Into sounds of bells
Echoing your tardiness.

2: 11:24
Cotton swabs are hard to find,
And orders take weeks
There plastic bodies melt
And fluffy heads hold steam
So you can't sterilize them,
Without illegal, expensive, unobtainable radiation.

3: 12:48
Trying to hold onto what is natural
Is a pointless task all together
because who defines what nature is
All things come from us
So they have natural creation
Even if the things seem not?

4: 1:02
Plagiarism is wrong.
You're in college.
Did you really not know that?
That's not even possible.
Use quotations.
Not too hard.

5: 6:16
Printers don't print
Because inkers won't ink
And their papers won't "pap"
And then the light won't go green
And it makes that dying noise like it's giving out
You will never print this essay, you should cry and pout.

6: 10:16
Sweet vanilla wrapped up in other peoples words
And fast blue nails clack away
Filling words with busy space
Deadlines looming
Booming gloomy
Warning minds to not  wander or sway.

Riley Welch

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