Riley welch is a poet from texas living in colorado. She posts three original poems a week. 

4/4 160

Everyone needs those moments in life where your brain stops thinking in seconds
And begins to adventure into one dripping, mind numbing thought with no timeline
Give it moment melting truth
Plug in your headphones
And allow repetitive, rhythmic tones
Rock you
Repetitive rhythmic tasks that allows your mind to fade
Remove yourself into basic tasks
Painting, repainting
Repetitive rhythmic strokes to the beat of your repetitive rhythmic music
And slowly lose your mind
What is a moment
Crush all the moments together
Evaluate who you are
Who you will be
Tally all the times you've said 'and'
Compress them into a thought that lasts a moment
Not a second
Just one, thoughtless thought
Think big
But then think small
Lose yourself
In stereotypical melodies you've heard 2,000 times in 4,00 songs
And assess the damages in your compressed memory life
Before you get too busy to forget at all.

Riley Welch

Hours on hours

H. M.