Riley welch is a poet from texas living in colorado. She posts three original poems a week. 

Nothing Rhymes with Orange

Nothing rhymes with orange I've found,
A fact I know is quite profound.
That a word can exist without a match
Leaving it completely unattached.

And you can rhyme her soft, sweet peel
Thick or thin - based on allele,
As well as that tart, citrus flavor
Eaten plain or baked rich, to savor.

But she herself is quite alone,
Cannot end a sentence in this poem.
For if we put an orange at the end
The poem would stop - and not make much sense.

But in a way she's not in total isolation
Because there are a few words with she has correlation,
Like silver or bulb or even angel, all lacking a perfect rhyme
Meaning we must keep them away from the end of the line.

But now they aren't quite so deserted,
By the language that made them so sad and distorted,
For they all have each other in un-rhyming love,
Because similar traits have proven to be enough.

Riley Welch

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