I'm Riley.

In 2014 I realized only writing when I felt inspired wouldn’t improve my work. So I started to call myself a poet and began my practice. To hold myself accountable, I created this blog where I’ve posted three original poems a week since 2014 (give or take a few for moving back and forth to Colorado or the tragic birthday month when I had the flu). The poems written from 2014 - 2017 at arhymeaday.blogspot.com can be found in the “Five Hundred Old Poems” tab. All of my poems after the creation of my own domain are on the home page. The poems I write here vary in quality and length, but each has been a stepping stone for me to become a better writer. 

I post poems on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They have usually been edited once or twice before making their way to the site. Some of my favorite and most edited poems do not appear online because they are in the process of being submitted to contests and journals. Poems are also, sometimes, deleted from my blog for editing and submitting. I use this space for quantity (over quality) so that I can practice my writing. I believe that practice does not make perfect, but it does make better. 

Sometimes on Fridays I will post a poem from an outside author. Feel free to send me your poetry for consideration in this series -- or just because you want me to read it! If you have an idea of a poem you want me to write (for the blog or commissioned for you) please contact me in the Contact tab.